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DNS, Gateway, Router Setup for Bhyve & iocage: TOTAL CONTAINERIZATION

root@bean     1.15   0%   ~  cat /etc/pf.conf                                                                                …
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Managing FreeBSD Bhyve Containers With VM-BHYVE

SNAPSHOTS, CLONES, AND ROLLBACKS, OH MY! Before we get started, my tasty friends (yes, hungry!), let me tell you, I am unfathomably proud of myself for making the graphic for this in Gimp. Yeah, it only took me like 2.5 hours. blows on nails. I’m that good. Ok, one of the awesome FreeBSD tools I…
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Sweet FreeBSD ZSH/POWERLINE9k CONSOLE PROMPT WITH AN OS ICON Movie Reference: Knights of BaddAssDom The Goal: Requirements: powerline-status powerline-fonts patience of Ghandi tenacity of a door-to-door salesperson > vi kde4/share/apps/konsole/Shell.profile[+] :!ls /usr/local/share/fonts/Droid/Droid\ Sans\ Mono\ for\ Powerline\ Nerd\ Font\ Complete.otf .k/s/a/k/Shell.profile+  [Appearance] AntiAliasFonts=true ColorScheme=GreenOnBlack #Font=Source Code Pro for Powerline,15,-1,5,63,0,0,0,0,0 Font=Droid Sans Mono for Powerline Nerd…
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FreeBSD UEFI Serial Console & Supermicro IPMI SOL: THE SUCK, THE FSCK, & THE FIX

We had some problems with Prometheus.iX (a Bhyve VM Host Machine at iX in San Jose) booting. Or, rather, not booting as the case may be. While troubleshooting, since we were (obviously!) on our FreeBSD desktops, and this motherboard did not have the option of the (slightly) more modern HTML5 Canvas iKVM, we tried Console…
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Mirrored ZPOOL with ZFS Boot on Root FAIL … and Fix

matto@spock: cat /projects_share/docs/zfs_zpool-attachdrive.txt iX SpecOps: MIRRORED ZPOOL ROOT/BOOT FIX Description: SINGLE VDEV BOOT ZPOOL FOR PRODUCTION SYSTEM The problem with Prometheus is that ada4 had another pool on it, tank1. Hence the tank2 zpool name, I suspect. Since somebody did not destroy this root zpool with bootcode when bootcode & gpt partitioning was done on…
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