Aaron Pierson

Cloud Computing and Backup Administrator FreeNAS is the best thing to happen to my house since linux. Creating NFS/CIFS mounts – done. Uploading my music, pictures, videos, and documents – done. Sharing my uploads with my PS3, smart TV, and tablet –... read more

Matt Flaming

System Admin and Instrumentation Engineer I find FreeNAS easy to implement, easy to manage with its beautiful web interface, and an overall feature-set that cannot be beat by an off-the-shelf unit. Ease of expansion in DIY projects is a must and I don’t know if... read more

Robert Buggy

Technology Integration Engineer I have been using FreeNAS for over four years now and have had nothing but love for it. I started off using it as a way to have a 24/7 box to host all my music video and pictures. Then built out larger boxes with multiple drives to raid... read more

Alan McKinnon

System Administrator In the grand free and open source tradition, I get the very best feature set I could hope for (everything) at the best possible price (nothing) 🙂 I’m a sysadmin by trade and have two FreeNAS boxes at home – one for general storage, one... read more

Arno H

Software Engineer I found my way to FreeNAS long after I should have and would have liked. I follow tech news enough that I knew about ZFS, understood its benefits, and held some minor resentment that Apple had stopped pursuing it as a filesystem. Requirement number... read more