Become a RAID Hero | New Year, New FreeNAS System? | Issue #41

Hello FreeNAS Users, Happy 2017! With the new year upon us, it seems everyone is planning or starting a new FreeNAS system. This month, we have a roundup of some of the projects the community is working on to inspire and motivate you. Send us an email about your new...

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Cyber Monday 2016 Tech Roundup

Happy Cyber Monday! We’ve rounded up a list of hardware and tech components you may find useful to check out. Cyber Monday is a great day to grab some hard drives, replacement components, or new hardware for your next FreeNAS build and we hope you find this guidance...

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OpenZFS: Stronger Than Ever

The 2016 OpenZFS Developer Summit and Hackathon took place September 26th and 27th in San Francisco and showcased the amazing growth that OpenZFS is experiencing as a technology and a project. I attended the first “ZFSDay” back in 2012 and remember the uncertainty...

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